DigiFishTank V2.1

You are searching for a download? Click here  to download latest available version of the app in Samsung App Store. Click here  to download latest available settings companion app in Samsung App Store.

Even through the watchface is free of charge, finally the companion settings app will cost small money. Anyway you will get a featured watchface for at least two days – so give it a try. During this time you can decide if you want to edit settings according to your needs.

Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend.

Note: An openweather API key is needed to get actual weather data. Here you can sign up to get your personal key for free.



  • Entertainment service: Watch a typical deep blue see scenario. Up to 30 different marine life, fishes, birds, persons, ships etc. will entertain you. Note: Normally animation activity is battery level dependent. But due to settings and intelligent algorithms it won't drain your battery.
  • Daytime skyline: Daytime dependent, the background is colored according the course of the sun.
  • Time and date service: The day, time, CW and date in nearly every language is shown. Currently up to 19 languages are supported. Note: In case your translation is missing, don't hesitate and send us your translation. We'll add it as soon as possible.
  • Current weather service: The actual weather data (supplied by openweather) for a fixed or GPS dependent location is shown. A short weather summary in the selected language is provided. Units are selectable.
  • Battery status control: Battery fill level is shown per percent value as well as colored digit display.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi status: See if Bluetooth or Wifi interface is currently enabled or not.
  • App shortcuts: Out of 25 preconfigured app shortcuts, 4 click areas can be configured to launch dedicated apps. App launch was never so easy. Note: Launched apps are not maintained by MotoGo - we aren't responsible for any launched app.
  • Error service: In case an error occurs during e.g. a data request it will be listed in an error console. It gives an idea why dedicated infos aren't fetched and in turn not shown in a corresponding infopanel of our watchface.



The Panel

On top a switchable InfoPanels is located. Panels can be switched forward by a single click and backward by a double tap. A first initial app panel provides beside the app name and version (per default) up to three buttons, providing a (re-)load data, reset current watchface settings or (re-)load current server settings opportunities. Per default only the "reload" button is shown.

Note: Whereas the "reset" button servers mainly development or bugfix purposes, the (re-)load data button can be clicked if latest data isn’t up to date.

App launch areas

A “click configuration” setting section allows to configure up to 4 individual app shortcuts. Due to this e.g. the media player control can be opened by e.g. a simple press on the battery status information.

Battery consumption

Don’t be afraid! E.g. in a former pebble world each animation costed pure battery life. Having to redraw a scene in an E Ink display mainly drained battery. It’s different in a pure Super AMOLED Display provided by the Samsung Gear Watch. The brightness drains the battery more than a scene redraw operation. Even if, an extra animation activity setting can be used to fit chargeable consumption vs. irretrievable experience. Also the animation is linked to the battery level. Due to this activation is reduced in case battery level gets low.



Per default Samsung only grands favorited developers access to the default watchface settings opportunity. But even when, the list of settings is meanwhile so extensive that a simple list wouldn’t suffice. Due to this MotoGo provides a separate companion settings app in the Samsung App Store.


Pairing is really simple - see the pairing click guide right hand side. After a first start the app wants - it's not really a surprise - to pair only once your Gear DigiFishTank watchface. Due to this our great DigiFishTank watchface must be the current active watchface on your gear watch. Now you can start pairing. But don’t forget to click red confirmation button shown at watchface. Without further ado the pairing will be done. After pairing succeeded, at least a dummy watchface settings page is loaded and shown in companion app.

Pay Licence

In case you want your personal full featured settings page you have to pay a licence fee. Open menu and press “Pay licence”. Why? Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend. 


The settings app offers a brunch of settings - nearly everything is configurable. In particular you can fully configure the used time display variant, shown info panels, your individual date and time language, the animation activity, data cache behavior, GPS parameters etc..

Especially you have an opportunity to disable e.g. the calendar and/ or the weather info panel in general. Furthermore, you can configure (in expert mode) a general load data for info panel timeframe or time rules. In later case data is fetched only on weekdays or the whole week.

Note: Imagine you don’t want infos are reloaded during the night. Just define a general info panel timeframe that e.g. stops fetching data at 21 o’clock.

Note: In case you defined such a general info panel timeframe it affects the availability of data - no surprise. ;)

In particular the weather configuration should be taken into account. In any case a openweather API key is needed. Otherwise only dummy data is shown. Here you can sign up to get your personal key for free. Afterwards enter key into settings.

You have to select a fixed weather location because it's a fallback in case GPS can't locate you. To ease the configuration of your fixed location you can search either per name token or by GPS an available weather station near to you.

You will find (in case GPS is allowed) a GPS settings section. Per default the GPS location is used to show current weather. This can be disabled by disabling "Allow GPS". As a result, “only” the configured fixed location is shown - your GPS location isn't used any more.

Normally there is no need to change any other option! Only in case your GPS can't reliable find your location, you can adapt the properties "accuracy", "timeout" and "cache time" of your GPS device appropriate.