DigiStockWatch V1.0

You are searching for a download? Click here to download latest available version of the app in Samsung App Store. Click here  to download latest available settings companion app in Samsung App Store.

Even through the watchface is free of charge, finally the companion settings app will cost small money. Anyway you will get a featured watchface for at least two days – so give it a try. During this time you can decide if you want to edit settings according to your needs.

Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend.

Note: The finance info is provided by Yahoo! Finance and is not under the control of Mobile to Go. Due to this the watchface is only a simple viewer of this accessible info. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those infos. Derived decisions based on the infos are autonomous decisions and choices. Mobile to Go won’t take any responsibility for, and will not be liable for any decision made.



  • Time and date service: The day, time, CW and date in nearly every language is shown. Currently up to 19 languages are supported.
    Note: Maybe some translations are missing. But in case you provide your day and month name translations, a new corresponding language resource file will be added. Don't hesitate and tell, what is missing.
  • Finance info: All finance information (provided by Yahoo! Finance) is shown in an optimized pocket format directly at the wrist. Assemble your personal stock quotes, currency exchange rates, index values or stock charts in tiny widget views, table based pice boards or selectable charts or detail lists.
  • Feed service: Up to 3 feeds are configurable. You will get the latest news of up to 50+ selectable preconfigured feeds or your own feed selection. RSS as well as ATOM feeds are supported.
  • Calendar service: A configurable calendar view with public holidays support (provided by kayaposoft.com).
  • Battery status control: Battery fill level is shown per percent value as well as colored digit display.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi status: See if Bluetooth or Wifi interface is currently enabled or not.
  • Layout service: Find your look and feel. A colorful bouquet of more than 20 different predefined layouts is selectable.
  • Shortcuts: Out of 25 app shortcuts 4 click areas can be configured to launch dedicated apps. Furthermore view shortcuts are selectable to jump from a tiny widget to a nice looking detail information, a price board or a more detailed chart view.
  • Error service: In case an error occurs during e.g. a data request, it will be listed in an error log-console. It gives an idea why dedicated infos aren't fetched and in turn not shown in a corresponding view of our watchface.



View Concept

A fully new view concept was developed to show valuable tiny information that is quickly selectable. Therefore selection is mainly click, touch and scroll based.

The main selection is a top tab bar where the datetime, the price boards, the details, the charts or the feed sections are selectable. A second bottom tab bar allows more detailed selections according the concrete stock, feed or price board of interest. A third selection sometimes allows such as the concrete feed entry which shall be shown.

Shortcut Navigation

Two types shortcuts are supported:

App shortcuts on the main time, the WLAN and the Bluetooth state icons or the battery state information are configurable to open dedicated apps or jump directly into galaxy watch settings.

View Links on the main date view or on freely configurable widget views (on the home screen) allow a quick link to concrete price boards, detail information, charts or feeds.

A click at the temporarily shown tiny time view will always jump back to the home screen that’s part of the datetime section.

Content Sections

The Datetime Section provides a calendar view. It’s a nice looking month view of a calendar also shows public holiday days. The public holidays are marked in the calendar view and are also listed below in a scrollable list. Because public holidays are more and less country specific a separate setting in the companion app allows to select yours out of up to 90 provided countries.

Furthermore, an app info is selectable. It shows in a table amongst other things view which app version is currently installed or if the used licence is unlocked.

Also an error log tells what errors occurred and maybe it makes the behavior of the app more comprehensible.

The Price Board Section are table views composed of separate stock or currency exchange Yahoo! Finance idents. Up to 3 are configurable in the settings of the companion app.

The Details Section are again table views but now composed of interesting details of a individual configured Yahoo! Finance ident. Up to 9 detail views are configurable in the settings of the companion app.

The Charts Section shows nice looking indices or stock quote chart graphs of individual configured Yahoo! Finance idents. Up to 9 chart graph views are configurable in settings of the companion app.

The Feed Section provides news feeds. Whereas not only the text, if available – also a provided image is shown. A one finger scroll allows to read the full text of a new feed entry. Up to 6 feed entries are directly selectable. Beside 50 preconfigured selectable feeds any own feed URL can be pasted into the settings of the companion app.

Layout selection

Up to 22 layouts are provided. Whereas a default layout can be selected in the settings. It will be shown first in case watchface starts. In case “Switchable layout” is disabled (in the settings) it will remain the only layout shown. Otherwise a click outside any info view switches to next available layout. A double tap will switch backwards.

Note: We are open for any additional layout. The watchface isn’t restricted to the current layouts provided.



Per default Samsung only grands favorited developers access to the default watchface settings opportunity. But even when, the list of settings is meanwhile so extensive that a simple list wouldn’t suffice. Due to this MotoGo provides a separate companion settings app in the Samsung App Store.


Pairing is really simple - see the pairing click guide right hand side. After a first start the app wants - it's not really a surprise - to pair only once your Gear DigiStockWatch watchface. Due to this our great DigiStockWatch watchface must be the current active watchface on your gear watch. Now you can start pairing. But don’t forget to click red confirmation button shown at watchface. Without further ado the pairing will be done. After pairing succeeded, at least a dummy watchface settings page is loaded and shown in companion app.

Pay Licence

In case you want your personal full featured settings page you have to pay a licence fee. Open menu and press “Pay licence”. Why? Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend. 


The settings app offers a brunch of settings - nearly everything is configurable. In particular you can fully configure the shown views by selecting your individual feeds, price boards composed of either stock quotes, indices or currencies, your preferred public holiday location out of 38+ countries, your individual date and time language, a fancy or default layout etc..