All our services are Web Framework based

No matter, by using a browser, an Android or iOS App, every application based on information, or more general, on data is built on the pervasive internet.

For how else works a booking platform, an auction or a shopping side? In the end intentional central, i.e. in only one database placed data is maintained and the whole authorized world accesses and uses what is provided.

One might think that such a solution is only intended for big companies? But this is wrong!

Probably everyone today maintains dates (per smartphone) in a web solution like google calendar. And even more share dates with family members or good friends.

It is quite similar with contact records, documents stored in a cloud solution like dropbox etc.. Even music or films are today accessed per internet and are streamed on demand in our living room.

Today nearly all (our) data is stored in an intentional central, or let’s say in only one database and provided in a appropriate representation to dedicated stakeholders.

Due to this, today this kind of solution is “state of the art” and a “must have” for nearly everybody.

We provide such a solution architecture, ready to use for web only, Android or iOS. Ask for our Web Framework and solutions to build your personal Web solution/ application.