In particular for event driven organizations an open accessible calendar is an elementary content. When does a training take place, or when will Metallica rock on stage? Also reservations can be displayed or workshops can be arranged precisely in time. Whatever has a date relationship should be displayed in a calendar view.

Our typo3 plugin is based on our MotoGo Lib and in consequence inherits its full potential. In our base version following features are implemented and directly usable:

  • A flexible calendar view that shows events alias dates in month, week, day or overview view and provides navigation.
  • In a “hidden frontend area” the list of all events is accessible. This list provides all functionalities needed for event management.
  • In particular search and sort opportunities provide a good overview over all events.
  • Events can be clustered in categories and have at least a short description. Furthermore images, links or a invitation document can be assigned.
  • (Filtered) event entries can be exported in an EXCEL list.
  • Event entries are also available and editable in typo3 backend.

In case listed features aren't enough, it’s simple to add own event or category entry fields, or verifications. Also, it’s simple to extend the base functionality with own actions alias functionalities. The simplicity of the MotoGo Lib ensures that it’s a matter of few configuration changes or additional lines of code.

Moreover, for all frontend output pure CSS, jquery mobile as well as bootstrap layout can be used. Whereby it poses no problem to use two layouts in one solution if necessary. Thus the calendar view can be part of a jquery page, even though the event management is performed in a separate bootstrap environment.