File Manager

In todays business documents store elementary information. A financial department stores performed calculations in an Excel Document. In a separate Word Document a product development department has written a technical specification or documentation of a newly developed product. Furthermore the organizational chart is depicted in a Visio Document.

All this cocuments must be stored, provided to employees, club members or customers. In case of a large number of documents, directories can help to structure thematically linked documents and well-defined directory structures led a user to a searched document.

Our typo3 plugin is based on our MotoGo Lib and in consequence inherits its full potential. In our base version following features are implemented and directly usable:

  • A flexible directory view that shows contained documents, storage date, file size etc. and provides typical directory navigation.
  • In particular search and sort opportunities provide a good overview over all listed documents.
  • Based on document MIME-types individual icons can be assigned.
  • Based on frontend user rights, storage of documents per drag and drop, directory creation and deletion etc. can be provided.
  • Stored directories as well as created directories are also available and editable in typo3 backend.
  • The other way around any backend directory can be shown in the frontend.

In case listed features aren't enough, it’s simple to add own file fields, or verifications. Also, it’s simple to extend the base functionality with own actions alias functionalities. The simplicity of the MotoGo Lib ensures that it’s a matter of few configuration changes or additional lines of code.

Moreover, for all frontend output pure CSS, jquery mobile as well as bootstrap layout can be used. Whereby it poses no problem to use two layouts in one solution if necessary. Thus the directory view can be part of a jquery page, even though it is also used in a separate bootstrap environment.

Here you can see a typical documents view providing only navigation and download opportunities to everybody.