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Precise we offer a watchapp for your Apple Watch, that ...

  • is currently in it's beta phase. Due to this it's offered to a special price! Please test it and tell me any issue you encounter. The intension is to provide the best info provider app for the upcoming apple watch! Help to make things much better... ;)
  • provides news over news. A lot of feeds are still preconfigured, such as n-tv, stern, heise, New York Times, Yahoo, BBC, Le Figero, Wall Street Journal, google news, NPR etc. In addition own google alerts (by passing a search token) or own feeds (by passing a HTML link) are configurable. In later case select the special feeds "My own Google search" or "My own RSS feed" in the feed list respectively.
  • provides the feed text as well as - if available - an image. In case you want to read more (and the feed provides a link) tap the button and read the news/ info on your iPhone/ Mac.
  • provides stock and currency portfolios to you. Use the Yahoo finance stock identifier notation (e.g. "" for the german Commerzbank or "EURCHF" for the corresponding exchange rate) to build your own portfolios, or use predefined ones like the DAX, TecDax, CAC40, SMI, DJI or DJT etc. .
    Note: Sorry, the Dow Jones isn’t provided by Yahoo. The limitation is due to restrictions by the Dow Jones Index. Yahoo! is no longer able to provide Dow Jones Index data in this manner. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • gives a brunch of details in regard to each stock, index etc.. In a list view you get basic details, further details and - if available - a historical (up to 3 month rates encompassing) chart. The chart shows beside the daily market value the corresponding volume. In case you want to get more information tap the button and read the corresponding Yahoo finance page on your iPhone/ Mac.
    Note: If available, swipe the list view to see the chart.
  • provides map storage opportunities. Select in the companion app a map region, mark locations with (up to 5) pins and add a note. All this information is now available at your watch. In case you want to see the map on your iPhone tap the button and proceed with the apple map app on your iPhone.
  • provides few settings in the companion app beside the watch info of the center. In particular you can configure the chart history length and some issues in regard to the usability.
  • provides links in the companion to the Mobile to go Homepage. In particular you can generate a support E-Mail with attached configuration.

Yes, the app will cost small money. Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend. Click here to find the app in the Apple store.

Important Notes:

Again, the app is in it's beta stage. Hopefully you won't find any bugs, but according to experience you will. ;) Please report any bug. It helps to make things better. Report bugs by using the support E-Mail button provided in the companion app.

In case you've proposals for further fixed configurations of feeds, stock or curreny groups/ indeces please tell me. In case the proposal is interesting for a wide range of user I'll add it.

Please contact us if you have questions or any issues.

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