Club Manager

Meanwhile it’s not so easy any more to find club representatives. And if you’ll find a representative he or she isn’t the master of accounting or wants to waste time by complicated manual effort that meanwhile is anywhere fully automated. Also he or she expects an still available history of past events, minutes and in particular official E-Mail communication.

Without such a “platform” a new found representatives has to reinvent the weal. But why? Just to be honest, each year a nearly same schedule takes place. So why not to investigate what happened last year and why not reuse soon created documents, invitations etc. for e.g. the next upcoming summer festival.

In the past each representative had his own member list. Not surprisingly in the end multi member lists resulted having different information. Having a central and everywhere accessible platform in place only one member list exists. Furthermore, in case the member itself is enabled to maintain his data, list data will always be the truth. A dream? No it can be your daily reality!

This was our key motivation. Meanwhile it’s our intension. Now we provide a nearly complete developed platform covering

and also providing extensions also covering nice to haves, such as a Guestbook or E-Mail services or an electronical application form.

In most cases the base implementation is a good starting point. If not, the platform is so modular and flexible that we can realize club demands, granted rights or individual accounting rules quickly.

So let’s spend more time in core disciplines the club was formally founded for. Instead of doing boring bureaucracy, talk to each other and in particular enjoy the community life.

In short: Enjoy the freedom of automatism and electronical storage. Spend more live in your life!