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Entschuldigung, dass der nachfolgende Text in Englisch ist. Jedoch ist das Publikum dieser Seite zusehends international und so manch Deutscher ist ja mittlerweile auch des Englischen mächtig.

What's new?

A full featured InfoCenter

Pebble time brought color and a new look and feel on our wrist. InfoCenter takes the baton in receipt and starts a new lap.

Why use large devices, just to read small facts?

Based on solid application architecture and the extended hardware potential of the new device, InfoCenter V4.0 …

  • ... runs on (the old) pebble as well as the new pebble time.
  • ... has a new look and feel – e.g. the menu items are scaled larger.
  • ... supports (only on pebble time) up to 10 color look and feels!
  • ... provides a selection of 40+ preconfigured news feeds! Furthermore own RSS/ ATOM feeds or google alerts are configurable.
  • ... provides (only on pebble time) a month up and down "scroll" functionality without the need to step back to the month selection menu. The "select"-button opens now the public holiday details.
  • ... adds (only on pebble time) three new weather diagrams. Now air pressure, average and max wind speed as well as wind direction are also shown for each day.
  • ... provides (red, blue and green colored) stock icons corresponding the daily rate change.
  • ... provides currency portfolios. Up to 11 are preconfigured selectable in the settings.
  • ... fixes all known bugs and errors.

... complements your device to be a full featured InfoCenter on your wrist!

Yes, the app will cost small money - is subject to a fee. Anyway you will get a full featured license for at least on day free of charge – so give it a try.

Note: In case you’ve still paid your fee, it remains valid! No need to do anything. :)

Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend.

Click here to find the app in the pebble market.

In case you lost the link to the paypal button to pay your fee, here it is. ;)


  • Calendar service: A configurable month calendar view with public holidays support. In the month view public holidays are marked. A detailed date/ name list of public holidays is shown by a click on the "select"-button. Only on pebble time a click on the "up" button shows the next month and a click on the "down" button the month before. Currently up to 17 translations of weekdays, month names are still supported.
    Note: Maybe some translations are missing. But in case you provide your translation to me I will update the corresponding language resource file. It's also possible to add new language files. Don't hesitate and tell me what is missing.
    Note: I got a couple of questions, if the personal google/ apple calendar dates are supported too. The simple answer is: No. Why? The Javascript layer of the pebble app doesn’t provide any access to the calendar information. Due to this it’s technical not feasible. However – believe me that in case you get your pebble timeline it won’t ask anymore because pebble will provide all dates in your personal timeline. ;)
  • Feed service: Up to 10 feeds are configurable. You will get the latest news of up to 40+ selectable preconfigured feeds. In addition own google alerts (by passing a search token) or own feeds (by passing a HTML link) are configurable. In later case select the special feeds "My own Google search" or "My own RSS feed" in the feed list respectively. In general RSS as well as ATOM feeds are supported. A selected feed menu entry is shown in a feed detail scroll view. Due to this you can scroll the feed text by a click on the "up" and "down" buttons. Nearly the full feed text is shown to you.
  • Weather forecast and current weather service: Configure up to 4 locations. Whereas it's also possible to select a "GPS location" that provides the weather of the current location you currently are. The actual weather as well as the expected max/ min temperature of the selected day is shown. The forecast diagrams in general are broken down into 3 hour steps of the day. One diagram shows the sun information (e.g. temperature and expected sunshine duration). Another diagram shows the rain information (e.g. rain probability and amount). A next diagram shows the air pressure. The last diagram shows the air speeds (e.g. max and average air speed). A additional detail tab provides the sunrise, sunset as well as the expected sun duration of the day. On pebble time in addition the max and average wind speed as well as the wind direction is shown.
    Note: A detailed documentation of the weather forecast graphs can be found in the section "Weather Configuration" in the settings - press the corresponding "howto" button.
    Note: The time of the last weather update as well as the corresponding weather location can be found respective left and right hand side as part of the current weather InfoTab.
  • Stock value service: Up to 4 portfolios are configurable. Nearly all stock, index etc. values provided by Yahoo! finance are selectable and details are shown in a tab based broken down nice looking table structure. Us the "up" and "down" buttons to switch tabs. In case it's available also a historical chart is shown as a last tab.
    Note: The Dow Jones isn’t provided by Yahoo. The limitation is due to restrictions by the Dow Jones Index. Yahoo! is no longer able to provide Dow Jones Index data in this manner.
  • Currency value service: Up to 4 portfolios are configurable. Nearly all exchange rates provided by Yahoo! finance are selectable and details are shown nice table structure. 11 preconfigured exchange portfolios are selectable.
  • Network service: In case errors occur during data transfer between smartphone and pebble, a corresponding message will be shown in an animated status layer on the bottom of the screen.



The Settings

A settings dialog is provided in the pebble app. It offers a brunch of settings - nearly everything is configurable. You can configure the color scheme, calendar language and weather units.

But in particular you can configure your public holiday location out of 38 countries, your favorite RSS/ ATOM feeds, weather locations, portfolios composed of stocks, indices or currencies etc. provided by Yahoo finance.

Let's pick out the weather configuration:

To ease the configuration of your weather locations you can search either per name token or by GPS an available weather station near to you.

A special configuration feasibility is the selection "GPS location". It provides each time selected the weather information of your current location determined by GPS.

Note: You will find GPS options. Normally there is no need to change the options! Only in case your GPS can't reliable find your location, you can adapt the properties "accuracy", "timeout" and "cache time" of your GPS device appropriate.

Important Note:

Everywhere a long 'back button' click ends app!


root menu
calendar view
feed selection
feed text
other color scheme
other color scheme
week weather forecast
sun path and wind info
wind speed forecast
stock portfolios
portfolio list view
stock details
historical stock chart
currency portfolio list view
exchange rate details
"old" pebble support
root menu
sun forecast

Did you see the FAQ?

Please contact us if you have questions or any issues.

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